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Why Open Access Publications ?

Open Access puts research instantly at the fingertips of anyone who cares to read. Researchers can find and access any relevant work from anywhere in the world with no price barrier. That means science and discovery will advance faster.-OpenOasis

Cloud Publications 

  •   What is Open Access ?
  •  Open Access stands for unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse. Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journals published work such as research papers and articles, thesis, case study, research report and monographs.
  •  Benefits of Open Access with Cloud Publications
  •  Accelerated discovery : With open access, any researchers can read and build on the findings of others without restriction and without paying any fee which accelerates authors’ discoveries among all masses worldwide in quick manner.
  •  Public enrichment : Much scientific and medical research is paid by public funds. Open access allows taxpayers to see the results of their investment at right place with right manner.
  • Improved education : Open access means that teachers and their students have access to the latest research findings throughout the world.
  • Better visibility for researchers’ received scholarship : When articles are publicly available, researchers’ scholarship is available to anyone who might search for it. That means more readers, more recognition, and more impact for each article. In fact, recent studies have shown that open-access articles are cited by other authors more frequently than comparable articles that aren’t openly available.
  •  Avoiding duplication : No one researcher wants to waste time and money conducting a study if they know it has been attempted elsewhere. But, duplication of effort is all-too- possible when researchers can’t effectively communicate with one another and make results known to others in their field and beyond. It helps in communicating the research work done to others who are about to start the research work which avoids the duplication of the done work.
  •  Citation Benefits : The main motivation for most authors to publish in an open-access journal is increased visibility and ultimately a citation advantage. Research citations of articles in a hybrid open-access journal have shown that open-access articles are cited more frequently or earlier than non-open-access articles.
  •   Benefits with Cloud Journals
  •  Coverage Area : 111+ journals cover all the scientific, technical, medical and management subjects.
  •  Publishing Type : Online with Open Access
  •  Recognition and Acceptance of Research work : Authors’ researches get full recognition among intellectual community without any constraints.
  •  High Publicity : Authors get the publicity, acceptance and recognition in scientific world.
  •  Minimizing the Cost :It allows only one –time processing fee of accepted manuscripts and ensure life time online availability.
    •  High Availability :Manuscripts are available on all search engines and indexing databases.
    •  Maximize the Citation : Authors’ researches get frequent citation in others’ sites.