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Open Access Policy

Cloud Journals Open Access Publication policy:

Cloud Journals provides excellent platform to its authors in terms of familiarizing their research among scientific and management community through open access policy. It allows authors to make their manuscript freely available online and immediate publication of their manuscripts. Open access policy enables everyone having free and unlimited access to the full-text of manuscript published. Under this policy manuscripts are freely available without subscription or price. It allows manuscripts to immediately release in open access format hence minimizing the long waiting period.

Benefits of Open Access for Authors:

Recognition and Acceptance of Research work:

Authors’ researches get full recognition among intellectual community without any constraints.

Maximize the Citation:

Authors’ researches get frequent citation in others’ sites.

High Publicity:

Authors get the publicity, acceptance and recognition in scientific world.

High Availability:

Manuscripts are available on all search engines and indexing databases.

Minimizing the Cost:

It allows only one –time payment for processing of accepted manuscripts and ensure life time online availability.

Fast Publishing:

Minimize Authors’ long waiting aspect as open access publishes accepted papers immediately online. All research articles published in Cloud Open Access journals are immediately freely available to read, download and share.

How Open Access Works:

Once Authors’ papers have been accepted for publication, then the accepted paper will be freely available to everyone through Cloud journals online platform. Cloud Journals Open Access Publication system allows one-time payment to this service so that the author, or their institution or funding body, pays a very nominal fee to cover costs associated with the publication process, from peer review of the submitted manuscript, through the copy-editing and typesetting, to online-hosting of the definitive version of the published article as well as office operating expenses. The Open Access publishing charge will ensure the author about anyone else to view, search, download or archive for personal and non-commercial use. The only condition for this is that the author and original source are properly cited.