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For Societies / Institutions


Being a scholarly community Cloud Journals work for societies’ partners through focusing on quality, service to the academic community, journal development, global dissemination, appropriate innovation, transparency. We believe in fair and transparent dealing which lead to us treat all parties involved in the publishing process—societies, authors, readers, librarians, and other providers—with utmost respect and efficiency.

Cloud Journals establishes relation with diverse Societies for accomplishing their needs which results in mutual growth. To achieve the growth, we take care of societies’ journals through our standard procedure which includes:

Journals Management & Development:

Cloud Journals follows comprehensive and customized approach to manage societies’ journals which include transparent, regular and result oriented reports to relevant society.

Cloud Journals always committed to provide result oriented services through this approach which generates production information, schedules, sales reports, online usage statistics, content analysis, feedback as well as outcomes from marketing approach, citation information, and bulk reprint sales/supplements reports to relevant society.

We work closely with our society partners to achieve better development and progress of journals by developing open discussions, establish clear objectives with society and perfect execution of the plan.

We provide full editorial & freelance editorial assistants support advice on a number of online submissions and peer review systems to achieve growth of journal in right direction.

Advance Peer Review System:

Cloud Journals is able to offer advice and support for societies wishing to establish and improve their current peer-review systems. It has experience in implementing and managing the marketing leading online peer-review systems with journals currently on both Scholar One Manuscripts and Editorial Manager.

Quality & Rapid Journal Production:

Cloud Journals commit to high level quality and rapid production of societies' each journal through cost effective approach, ensuring high production speed and continuous improvements in its services.

For achieving cost effectiveness, we outsource the task to our professional suppliers by regular monitoring of their performance.

Big problem which societies face is the slow production of journals that depends upon so many factors such as improper way to call papers, irregular follow up with editors and so on..

Here Cloud journals diminish this problem by rectifying these factors and bring fast speed in production of highest standard journals.

Cloud Journal’s Continuous improvement system leads to betterment in production of journals. Our production teams uses set of procedures which allow the team to monitor performance of manuscripts through detailed study and improve weakness occur in the journals.

Result Oriented Sales and Marketing Approach:

Cloud Journals promises to its societies’ partners to provide highest level of sales and result oriented marketing of their journals.

Our sales and marketing team firstly understand the unique objectives of societies’ journal and its wide market scope which helps to develop marketing strategies thus, finally get the better outcome by perfect implementation of them. Our marketing team uses best marketing methods which include bulk email & web marketing, search engine optimization, direct mail outreach, publicity marketing, text message marketing and more.

Cloud Journals gives priority to societies’ requirements; our dedicated team does efforts to fulfill them and ensure maximum dissemination and revenue. We have an outstanding track record for increasing advertising sales for our journals. Non-subscription revenues are increasingly important to journals, and it is our priority to maximize the revenue from reprints, supplements, translations, and bulk subscriptions. Our experts understand the need of specific market across world and train our sales and marketing team to increase sales of journals through marketing.


We believe in "Strategic Associations for Building Tomorrow’s Endeavour” henceforward we allow potential societies/ institutions to work with us for mutual growth and benefits through our standardized procedures.

We look forward to possible inquiries from interested societies/ institutions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.