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Open Access Membership

Institutional Open Access Membership Program (IOAMP)

Cloud Publications commits to work for exploring institutions’ valuable research work among all intellectuals worldwide through Institutional Open Access Membership Program (IOAMP).

IOAMP aims to dissemination of research through breaking barriers (of limited access and presence of research) to popularize the research (which is the prime goal of open access system) with very cost effective approach. IOAMP ensures it is institutes’ responsibility that publicly funded work should be available to anyone free at the point of access. An open access journal article is free to view online by anyone, including the general public which could be possible by Institutional Open Access Membership Program only. Institutes can avail following benefits from IOAMP.

1. Institutions’ Publicity : In publishing world, research affiliations keep importance for all scientific/management people, hence open access will provide such familiarization to institutions by accessing their work done all over the world.

2. Cost Effective: It reduces Article Process Fee to 30% per article (same applicable on both INR and USD).

3. Cost Effective Conference Proceedings and Special Issue: IOAMPS provides opportunities to institute for publishing their conference proceedings and special issue with 50% discount.

4. Easy to Manage Institutions’ Publications: IOAMP manages institutions’ research publishing with a competent and ease manner. It removes all kinds of anxieties and burdens of institutions’ administrative department about publishing their authors’ research.

5. Recognition to Work: With open access policy institutions’ research work get the exclusive recognition among all scientific/management communities.

For more information about Institutional Open Access Membership Program Membership Fee and Membership Form, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We encourage all authors to share benefits of this program with their recommending body in the institution and help your institute to become member of this program to publish their research work with excellent quality and without any financial constraints.